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Apestooth Crossbows


Medieval Design

Established in 2018, Oakland/Alameda, CA


     The Apestooth brand encompasses the work of Arbalist, Dan Burr. 

   From his workshop in Alameda, California, Dan builds each piece by hand to ensure a unique, functional, and historically accurate piece of functional art.  Using the same mechanical workings used in medieval European crossbows, along with modern materials for functional safety and reliability, these pieces capture the beauty and martial force that was the medieval crossbow.


   As no two are alike, each crossbow is a unique piece of craftsmanship and as such, take patience and thought to create.  Pieces are ordered individually and can take more than six months to complete.  Unlike crossbow makers of old, I create nearly every part used in it's making.  Apestooth prods are made by professional makers from Alchem Industries, insuring a safe, accurate product.


   Whether you landed on looking to purchase, out of curiosity, or purely on accident, explore the site and feel free to contact me with inquiries, comments, questions, or suggestions.

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