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  Apestooth Crossbows assumes no liability for the misuse of its historic reproduction pieces. Crossbows are inherently dangerous and can cause great bodily injury if used in an unsafe manner. DO NOT operate your crossbow without first reading and understanding the "safe use, maintenance and assembly manual" provided. 

Apestooth Crossbows LLC products are not intended for use by minors unless closely supervised by a responsible adult. Please familiarize yourself with state and local laws and ordinances in regards to the ownership, storage, transportation, sale, and usage of crossbows in your area. Apestooth Crossbows LLC will do its best to satisfy all customers to their satisfaction within reason. We do not offer refunds due to the custom nature of our work once production has begun.  All preproduction deposits are nonrefundable.

Production time estimates are just that:  estimates. Products can take as little as a month, or as long as a year to complete.  Rushing your order will only result in a product of lesser quality and detail. With the exception of initial shipping within the US, all shipping costs, including but not limited to; duty fees, import tax, tariffs, customs fees and brokerage fees are payed for by customer. This includes our maintenance programs. Apestooth reserves the right to substitute similar materials when safety, availability, and preventive costs are factoredApestooth is not responsible for damage which occurs during shipping.


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