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Stage Mist

The Work


Our crossbows are made by hand in Alameda and Oakland, California. Each piece is unique and crafted without patterns or templates, using the same materials used to make the originals when safety allows. Hardwoods like ash and walnut are used along with ethically sourced bone, reclaimed ebony, horn, brass, bronze and steel. PVC and Delrin provide an element of safety and durability when needed. Ultimately we stat the process with you. You decide what materials, design elements, features and accessories your crossbow will be given, with help and suggestions along the way. This process takes time and depending on workload, season, and availability of materials, wait times can take up to 12 months, but generally no more than 6 months.

Danny Burr 

My early fascination with weaponry, particularly those of medieval Europe, lead me to explore the artistry and engineering behind much of the design and construction of the existing pieces from that era. Medieval armor and the crossbows made during that period exhibit some of the most amazing examples of beauty and craftsmanship used to embellish tools of warfare. I hope to bring that love of these objects to my work i the form of my functional works inspired by the work of centuries old artistry and technology.

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