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Apestooth's Turns One!

As we near the end of the year, I can't help but look back at what's been a surprising year at Apestooth. Not only have we surpassed our goal of "selling a few crossbows", we've been swamped with orders and quite honestly, have had to put the brakes on new orders for a while. Time to regroup, restrategize, and reimagine where we see ourselves at the end of next year. Hiring help is a definite must as is streamlining production to keep up with the demand for new pieces. New products? You bet! Expect to see a new variety of crossbows, both European and Chinese. Stonebows are a possibility as are accessories for our existing stock. Storage bags, quivers, cleaning kits and spanning devices are all on the menu, so keep a close eye on Apestooth and as always, we welcome suggestions to help us help you realize your medieval crossbow needs!

Take care and aim ahead,

Danny Burr

Apestooth Owner and Arbalest

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